I found frayja today in a pile of loose ones and zeros. I sat down to read and I was stunned. I don’t remember writing any of it. I know the characters, the scenery, the time. I don’t remember writing this particular story.

Is that odd? Yes. I normally have some recollection of writing a story, whether it is a thousand words or a hundred thousand. Something will strike a chord.

Perhaps I don’t remember it because frayja must have been one of the most painful to write. Perhaps not. I may never know.

Now that I have found hir, I am tempted to post her story here. One chapter at a time. Perhaps. At least I have found hir.

She lost it again

Poor Lasya, she lost her top billing again. She has a big role to play in this novel, but she is not at the top.


Frayja is. Years ago, a friend said that she thought Frayja–a very minor character in another Regellian Empire tale–was the most interesting. She said she would like to see more of hir. So more it is for Camp Nanowrimo.

God help me getting it finished.

Life and Lasya

Life has been, well, life-like. My father died on September 10th,  which left me in no shape to take on any major projects, including NaNoWriMo.

Lasya, though, has been percolating in the back of my mind. I know hir already from other novels, I have written, but zhe  has never had top billing. This time, she does. The biggest question is where to put hir in time. All else will flow from there. Before the untimely demise of Emperor Melior? At the start of the civil war between Emperor Wooren and his upstart brother who covets the throne? At hir return to the Capital after the civil war has ended? When zhe puts the Empire behind hir to live on a strange planet in a distant universe? Or some other time? I have time to decide.

Well that just didn’t work out.

I was supposed to have thumb surgery which would make typing 50K words a horror story. Then that got delayed by other things like my father starting dying. (He’s in hospice care now.) So Camp Nanowrimo didn’t work out. I still have the seed of the story, though, and hopefully it will in time grow into a bean stalk at some point.