Fruit Sticks

tangfotThe G-Rated Phraseology of Motherhood.” I had to stop there because I laughed until I choked. Parents can be creative in avoiding cursing around their children.

I’ll wait here while you go read and laugh ’til your ears pop. Don’t be too kriffing long about it.

What about the other side of the coin? My mother still doesn’t know what she should have done with me as a kid who made up her own curse words. She says I drove her mad with it because she couldn’t figure out the right punishment for saying non-existent words. I didn’t have Holy Mother of Fruit, but I had some serious cussing to be done with non-existent-other-than-in-my-imagination words.

I still do it. Make up curse words, that is. In Jandzian. Hasvarani, too. Yes, those are languages from 2259 R.E. in the Regellian Empire. Still, I don’t think anyone confuses them for protestations of innocence or sweet words of love.

“Tangfot! What the kriff do you think you’re doing you kriffing bleryah?”
“Juta! What the hika do you think you’re doing?”

My mother laughs at it now, though she doesn’t speak Jandzian or Hasvarani. Except a few curse words. Parents and children drive each other mad.

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