It’s Vanessa’s Fault

Vanessa said, “Here’s a coupon for 3 free Zoya polishes with free shipping.” I had no I idea what she was doing to me. My life will never be the same. Doomed.

You see, I had chewed off nails until I was around 40. So I never wore nail polish. Who wants to show off completely shredded nails bitten to the quick? Then somewhere around 40 I was finally able to let them grow. A little. I make jewelry, so I can’t have talons. But there was something to polish other than skin. And I did.

#ReallyBadMani Number 1

Wow this is really ick. But that's okay, it's fun.

Oh my. Doomed. Yes I was. The Zoya Yasmeen is a pretty color, though.


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