PSA: Read The Freaking Terms. Or ELSE.

Call me Dasher. I’m Robyn “Dasher” Harton, also known as Chi, and occasionally by vulgar epithets. I have the creative crazies. No kids. Muses by the scads make up for it. And four footed children. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady.

All the voices inside my head make me write. I call them muses when I am not calling them much ruder things.

What does Dasher look like?dasher20

Female human. Caucasian. I am far too pale to be anything else. Hazel eyes, messy hair, omnipresent glasses, random color nails, not too tall, too fat, and often sporting a blush.

What does Dasher do?

I scribbleSpirit and snark and stories on blogs, paper, Scrivener, fora, Twitter, and some places I’m no doubt forgetting. I am an artist and that’s what I do to make a starving… errr… living. “Watching. Always watching!” I listen to music. Epic music and Bollywood are current favorites. I fangirl like mad over Benedict Cumberbatch, Hrithik Roshan, and SRK. I adore ICEEs and  Mango Banana smoothies. I am a spoonie. I create worlds, baubles, chaos, questionable nail art, new curse words, etc. I watch movies and historical fiction TV series over and over and over.I have bad habits I enjoy, and others I don’t enjoy so much.

And all the rest…

What are my interests?

Can I just say “extensive” and be done with it? hehe  No? Okay. I am interested in reading, writing, role play, cats, art, ticking (as in what makes us do it), music, people, sci fi, fantasy, Bollywood, the ocean, musicals, Star Trek, rubies and silver and pearls, french fries, geekery, Wikipedia, and more and more. My favorite stores are Amazon.com, Wawa, ThinkGeek, Etsy, Ebay, B&N Cafe.

Where does Dasher live? Online mostly, but my ass sits in Virginia.

How do you find a Dasher?

Use: Smoke Signals 




“Oh on all those tv shows they talk of powers, abilities, talents. Gnashing my teeth in envy. All I get is this curse.”

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