NightmareI had a university nightmare again.

Not the university my waking state self went to. The university I attended while awake was not peppered with hallways going nowhere, closets you have to crawl through to get to class, people locking you in rooms filled with old wood and flowers and cut glass until you learned what they required. The one in my nightmares is all those things and more. Continue reading

Sub-House-Pet Intelligence Runs Rampant

Are you freaking serious?“FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid putting in eyes. Stop use if irritation develops.” Um, yeah. For heaven’s sake, even my cats know these basic principles without being told. So why do we have these warnings on hand cream labels? If someone is as smart as a house pet and can read the warning, they don’t need it. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Thumb Stacked Splint-1Coming into Thanksgiving, I was not feeling terribly thankful. I was cranky. I’ve developed a tendon problem with my left thumb. Atypical trigger finger. Meaning that if my thumb is straight, I can’t bend the last joint; if I manage to bend it somehow, I can’t straighten it again without using the other hand or an inflexible object to do it.

Doc: “Bend your thumb for me.”
Me: “I am bending it.”
Doc: “It’s not bending.”
Me: “That’s half of the problem. Bend it for me, and you can see the other half.” 

And it hurts. And it makes horrid noises when it does bend or unbend which is creepy. And I make jewelry for a living which pretty much requires two functional thumbs. So all in all, this was not making me feel too thankful about thumbs.

I was also not keen on the idea of having to cut short my Nanowrimo novel because of it. Not that I use my left thumb when I type. I don’t. But this thumb problem puts extra work on all my other fingers. I’d rather not have others go kaput as well. So, I get to write fewer chapters than I had planned. I’m not liking that a great deal, but I think I’ll like it better than some potential realities.

I whined and moaned and thought about sticking my head in the turkey while it’s in the oven. Eventually it came to me that maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all. Yeah, I have a screwed up thumb. I can still type, though, even if not to the level I might like. I have some creative ideas about how to make jewelry with only one thumb. I’ve got family and friends, and some of both will be at Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of good food. So, yeah, it’s not all bad.

Speaking of friends, I have more of them than ever. Thanks to Nanowrimo I’ve gotten to know a number of the Richmond Wrimos this year. That’s been great! Now is this not something to be thankful for?

In the end, I’m thankful for what I’ve got. I hope you can find things to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving.

Image by akeg on Flickr CC by-SA 2.0 license


Moar werdzA Richmond Wrimo shared this link: The Worst Writing From Nanowrimo. And that led to The Best of NaNoWriMo. Did I get insulted that people would act like that about NaNoWriMo? Hell no. I howled with laughter.

“Need help explaining the meaning of life for my novel.” (Just for your novel? Not, say, for living? 42! Next q!)

“What is guinea pig meat like?” (Dare I say it tastes like chicken? After all, everything tastes like chicken, right?)

Can I let you in on a dirty little secret? When I’m feeling burned out from flinging words on the nano-grill, I often go to the forums. For inspiration? Well, not exactly. That’s not to say I haven’t come away with some awesome inspiration at times. Mostly, though, I go to laugh. It’s relaxing.

The two links above are prime examples of just why I go to laugh and chillax on the Nano forums.. If you let any quarter of a million people loose with access to a forum, a good chunk of them will make you laugh no matter how serious they’re trying to be. People are funny. And I enjoy it thoroughly.

Now I have to go see if any of my comments have made it to fame. Would it mean I’m a better Wrimo if they have? I’m not convinced I wish for that much of teh awesome.

 Image by mpclemens on Flickr, CC by 2.0 license

In the Bag

2012 Nanowrimo is in the bag Nanowrimo 2012 is in the bag with 50K as of around 11pm last night. YAY! I thought I remembered hitting the 50K faster last year. (Yes, I’m obsessed.) So I poked around my blog to see. I did, and I got pneumonia. The three extra days this year kept me from getting pneumonia. I just know it!

I wonder if three more days would keep me from injuring my thumb. Wait! I hurt my thumb in my sleep. I was not writing in my sleep. (Whoa… scary thought.)  I know. I’ll stop sleeping.

Three extra days = no pneumonia. No sleep = no injured thumb. Go me!

 Image remixed from Flickr photo by Priscila Guimarães with CC by SA 2.0 license

THAT Point

76/365Yes, I am at THAT point in my NaNoWriMo novel. The one where I feel like pulling my hair out because I hate the thing and it doesn’t want to let me move it forward.

I am, however, used to this. It happens at least once with every Nano I’ve done. Sometimes twice. Being used to it means that I know it will pass. I even know I have choices. I can sit around and hate it until the hatred goes away. I can just slap out words I hate onto the digital paper, knowing I will change them later. Either way, it will pass and the novel will continue.

Still, it feels like crap. I am not very much into feeling like crap. I think I’ll go bully past it with hated words which I know I will change later.

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Questions I Don’t Ask

Question mark in EsbjergWhen my brain is smelling of burned rubber from writing too hard and fast, I go cruise the NaNoWriMo forums. I am continually surprised by the questions other people are asking that it doesn’t occur to me to ask.

What genre is my writing? It’s a valid question. Particularly if you want to publish. However, it’s pretty irrelevant to Nanowrimo. Fill any old thing in the box and go on with the writing.

Is it good enough? Well, that’s simple. No. It is not. It is a first draft and they’re not good for any kind of consumption. So stop worrying about it.

Can I just go back and edit a little? Sure, but you are likely to miss the deadline unless you’re a very fast writer and editor. So just don’t. Make notes and move on. Editing is for December and beyond.

What if nobody likes my work? Edit it in December and make it likeable. Or chalk it up to learning experience and move on to the next novel.

Can I use ______ to write my novel? Is it legal? Does it record the written word? Sure! You might find one thing more useful than another later, but it’s fine to use whatever you want, even if it’s not the most useful thing you’ve ever heard of. You like it? Use it.

Do I have to show anyone my novel? No. 

I still bless V every day for teaching me to chant, “That’s for editing. That’s for editing.” That took away a lot of my questions by answering them for the moment. Learn the chant: THAT’S FOR EDITING and it will answer a lot of your questions, too.

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Write Ins

“Glad you are getting out!”
Thus saith a note from a friend on gchat as I was gathering my laptop bag before I went out.

I went out to two NaNoWriMo Richmond write-ins. Not one, but two. I even got up early to go to the one at Willow Lawn this morning. I had a great time — thank you doseyclwn and gwferguson, and reflections and Lumin. There’s something refreshing about hanging out with people who don’t think you’re mad for flinging 50K words at digital paper in 30 days. I also got a couple thousand words flung onto that paper. I’ll do it again as soon as I can.



I leapt into 2012 NaNoWriMo with both feet.

12:01am November 1 found me throwing my fingers at the keyboard and tapping away.

I find it weird to have such a full outline to follow. It works, though.

I’m not sure if the writing process is helped or hindered by the fact that my entire lifestyle is in upheaval. Halloween was the end of an era for me. An era spanning decades. I will bury myself in NaNo and see what comes out the other end of the month.

My fingers clicked out 3,662 words in the first 20 hours. A lot of words will come out the other end of the month. I wonder what else. 

Image Credit: tetraconz CC by 2.0 License