What do I know?

32 minutes and once again counting.

Script Frenzy here I come. I hope you’re ready. I am not.

The oh-so-intuitive script writing software is as intuitive to me as cuneiform with half the letters erased just to be tricksy. The screenplay format is written in an alphabet I know, but that is as close as that gets to intelligible to me. I am pretty sure I do not understand chopping scenes up for the screen; my brain feels like chopped parsley just thinking about it.

Praise Deht there are a few things I do know to offset those things. I know how to create a story. I know I can learn software and formats. I know it will be fun. I know I can do it.

In the end, that is all I really need to know.

Editing On Paper

I have come to the conclusion, 180 pages into editing my Nano novel, that editing on paper is not for me. It feels good to do, right up to the point where I have to go back and transcribe all the edits back into Scrivener. I do understand that part of the point of doing it on paper is to change your perspective.  Copying from Scrivener into an Office doc with an odd font in a weird color to edit would do that, also.  Then I could copy and paste it back to Scrivener when it was done.

I do love having the paper manuscript, though. I should periodically print one out just too admire it. teehee

Time Gaffe

I discovered during my first major revision of my Nano novel that I had made a large blunder with time. I had something happening simultaneously three days after an occurrence and several years after. Oops. This is what editing is for, though. Thank Deht for editing!

To Frenzy Or Not To Frenzy

I am seriously considering joining in Script Frenzy this April. I had a blast with NaNoWriMo last November, so I expect I would have fun with Script Frenzy, too. I would have to learn how to write a script, but that sounds like half the fun. After all, I learned how to do an outline in place of just pantsing during NaNoWriMo. Script Frenzy looks like a great opportunity to do something new.

The funny part about this is that I very seldom watch movies or television. I spend most of my free time writing fiction, reading fiction, chatting online, and working with fundraisers for animal rescue. Not watching movies or television often may seriously limit my ability to do a script well. I am hoping that my ability to see the written word as a movie in my head will help. I like the idea of not struggling to describe every mote and molecule so that people can see it in the writing. I also know I am able to tell a story, regardless of my penchant for avoiding movies.

However, 100 pages in 30 days may be a lot of script for me to write when I am completely new to the process. Sadly, I do have other things to do than just write. I would have fun and learn a lot, though, and I am a confirmed learning junky. I am still pondering the prospect. I have a feeling that “To Frenzy” is the answer. After all, the worst I can do is write a horrible 100 page script.

Getting laid

I adore Grammar Girl. She makes me laugh while she helps me sort out grammatical conundrums. Today I was consulting her on the difference between lie and lay.

“What’s that I hear, music in the background? I know I don’t normally play music, but I love Eric Clapton, and his song Lay Down Sally can actually help you remember the difference between lay and lie… [record screeching sound] because he’s wrong.

“To say “lay down Sally” would imply that someone should grab Sally and lay her down. If he wanted Sally to rest in his arms on her own, the correct line would be ‘lie down Sally.'”

Either might be true depending on the guy Sally is seeing. I got a laugh out of it, regardless, as well as getting pointed at the right direction.


I have the coveted purple bar under my avatar on the Nano forums. I have a verified word count of 68,629. I am officially a winner of Nanowrimo.

I laugh in the face of pneumonia. bahaha!

I’m proud of myself. Butttttttttttt………
(and not the cute, squeezable kind)….

I knew I could do the 50K words, so my real goals were hidden under that one. First, to use an outline for my writing. I’ve always been a dyed in the wool pantser before this. Second, to finish a novel within a month, however long the novel is.

I’ve succeeded admirably using the outline. Yay me!

The second part, to finish the novel, that I have yet to accomplish. I’m closing in on it. I’m going to do it. I’d prefer to add more detail, more occurrences that underline certain things. But I’m forcing myself to be a good Wrimo and just move on past that inner voice that’s plaguing me to do things other than make my personal goal.

Wish me luck.

Bad Joke

I’ve been up an hour and I’m tired already. Pneumonia is very annoying that way. I hear it will continue to annoy me for weeks. Screw that for a joke. At least the antibiotics are working.

Nano went 60 to zero in 2.3 seconds. I wrote 50K+ words in 14 days. In the last six days I’ve written 2,000. I find that terribly funny as well as annoying.

Amid the wreckage caused by pneumnia, I’ve been blessed by many friends. Without them I don’t know what I would have done. Well, I have an idea, and I don’t much like the idea of being miserable.

Naptime. Aloha.