Pantsing and Outlining

Need some hedge clippers?
I’m a pantser. Until I started poking around the NaNo forums I didn’t know what a pantser was. I certainly didn’t know I was one, in spite of the fact that I’ve written by the seat of my pants for decades now. I has identity!

I think I will try an outline this time. You know, an outline for my pants. If it sucks, I’ll go back to pantsing entirely. So far it’s amusing.

I have all these little boxes in this little program to fill with things. Writing things. Characters. Each has its own box, you know. Places, things, chapters, scenes. Some boxes are bigger than others. Some get other boxes placed inside them. Or on top. If the boxes are too confining, no worry. I have my hedge clippers too.

I’m finding hedge clippers oddly exciting now.

My box stacker is yWriter.  I tried many box stackers. That’s the one that suited me. You interested in box stackers? There’s info on a bunch on the Tech forum.

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