I have the coveted purple bar under my avatar on the Nano forums. I have a verified word count of 68,629. I am officially a winner of Nanowrimo.

I laugh in the face of pneumonia. bahaha!

I’m proud of myself. Butttttttttttt………
(and not the cute, squeezable kind)….

I knew I could do the 50K words, so my real goals were hidden under that one. First, to use an outline for my writing. I’ve always been a dyed in the wool pantser before this. Second, to finish a novel within a month, however long the novel is.

I’ve succeeded admirably using the outline. Yay me!

The second part, to finish the novel, that I have yet to accomplish. I’m closing in on it. I’m going to do it. I’d prefer to add more detail, more occurrences that underline certain things. But I’m forcing myself to be a good Wrimo and just move on past that inner voice that’s plaguing me to do things other than make my personal goal.

Wish me luck.

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