Writing Gizmos And Libations

P1030076People are asking on a forum or two what others’ NaNo set-ups are. They are not talking in these cases about what writing software has features that are most useful. That is discussed elsewhere. They are talking about what type of computer and paper and coffee one uses to write their novel. Is this related to keeping up with the Joneses? Do they think they will be unable to write a novel if they do not have the right kind of computer or coffee?

Seriously people, who cares what gizmos or libations others use to help write your novel? A purple felt-tip pen on paper napkins while drinking sake and eating twinkies will do the trick. The twinkies and sake of others—and likely yourself too—are irrelevant. Something will work. As long as you’re writing.

If you are busy worrying about whether your writing accessories are good enough, you are not busy writing.

Note to self: Go. Write. Now.

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