Finished and Floored

At page 80 of my screenplay, I thought I might not have enough end of the story to make it to 100 pages for Script Frenzy purposes. I started to worry about it.

I told myself to shut it and just write the rest of the story. I reminded myself that I could easily go back later back and add a scene or two somewhere. I was confident I could even make sense of it. So I shrugged off the worry and continued writing.

I kept going, telling the rest of the story. I knew where it was headed. I knew exactly what the end was and how to get there. When the story was done, I wrote in my first ever FADE TO BLACK.

I was excited. I got through telling a story as a screenplay! I survived it!

I was nervous that I would have to go back and add things to hit my page count.

I told trusty CeltX to run my screenplay in PDF format so I could get a page count. When it coughed it up, I almost broke my jaw from it hitting the floor. My page count was 100 exactly. Four or five more lines and it would have been 101. I had read that a 100 page screen play would be approximately 20K words. My hundred pages was 19,192 words.


I did it. I told a story, in a format that was Mandarin to me when I started, using a thought process that was Samoan to me at the beginning, to hit a goal that looked doable but challenging.

Go me!

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