Screnzy was fun

Script Frenzy was fun. I learned some things. I always enjoy that.

I learned Greek. I mean, how to format a script. Same thing to me.

I also learned how to read Greek…scripts. I have never enjoyed reading scripts of any kind. When I read for pleasure, it all unfolds in my mind as though I were watching a movie. Scripts were always choppy looking and interrupted the movie in my head. Ironic, yes. Now that I understand better how they are put together, I learned that script writing is a lot like the Twitter role play I used to do: spare description, lots of action, and lots of dialogue. Once I realized that, it flowed much easier for me.

I learned that as with novel writing “THAT’S WHAT EDITING IS FOR” is invaluable. I’ve been on the Script Frenzy forums looking around and seen so many people with sparse page counts obsessing over how exactly to do sluglines or a type of action or introduce a speaking character. As with novel writing, if you are busy obsessing, you are not busy writing. Throw it down any old way. You can fix it later. That’s what editing is for.

Also, I learned that as with other writers, script writers who are writing on forums are busy not writing their scripts. Dude. If the real goal is to write a 100 page script in 30 days, go write it. Then come back and chat. If you are not doing that, it might be helpful to figure out what your real goal is.

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