Dasher: ‘”Colorful vegetables” as a prop. I like it.
TLP: To be truthful it would work very well
Dasher: Oh, it will. It just sounds amusing to me. Large kitchen knife is another prop. Guess what the large kitchen knife is doing? LOLOL
TLP: Well, with her….it ain’t cutting veggies.

#ScriptFrenzy Day 1: 19 pages.

I had thought it would drag. At midnight last night when I put the first words to this movie story, I still did not understand the script format. I was clueless as a chocolate cupcake about CeltX. I had memorized enough unintelligible bits of both and sacrificed a virgin Slurpee to the God of Scripts Written by the Clueless. I had hoped it was enough. I was so far out of my comfort zone I had forgotten its name and address. I was determined to blunder on nonetheless.

Halfway through the first page it hit me. Light bulb moment!

This is text-based role play as done in chat. One person says this, another says that. You toss in bits of movement and place so the voices aren’t hovering in space, unless they are doing so, in which case that is probably of note in itself. I know I can do this.

WANNABE SCRIPT WRITER’s shoulders relax.

                    WANNABE SCRIPT WRITER
         I can do this. I know I can. How did CELTX
         suddenly become so intuitive and easy to work
         with? Is it?

Wannebe Script Writer shakes head.

                    WANNABE SCRIPT WRITER
         Is it? Could it be? It must be Script Frenzy
         magic. That must be it! I will have to go 
         sacrifice a golden ticket to the Script Frenzy
         gods. Right after I finish this scene.

I’m not saying I will do it perfect, or even well. I can, though, do it without giving myself an ulcer and while having a great deal of fun.

Self, Screnzy on!

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