30 April

There’s a lot of excitement going on over at Script Frenzy with less than two hours until May 1 here on the east coast. The emails pulled me over to look. I see the whooping it up and the gnashing of teeth, the sighs and the sobs. I feel very distant from it all.  Yes, I’m a winner, but I don’t feel the joy.

Then I realized: I have been finished with my script for twenty days now. Not one or two. Twenty.

In those twenty days the excitement wore off. I finished the second draft of my Nano ’11 novel. I started fleshing out the outline for my Camp Nano project. I wrote more on an ongoing piece that makes little sense at times but I have a wonderful time writing. I started a major charity project. I worked. I played with my cats. The frenzy part of Script Frenzy vanished into the distance behind all these things.That’s okay.

Unless God reaches down to throw my script at a filmmaker, it will never see the big screen. That’s okay, too.

I enjoyed the process. I’m not sure I will do it again. I learned a lot along the way. I learned along the way that I do not have the interest in film to write scripts. That may change. Whether it does or not, whether or not I ever do it again, I’m glad I did Script Frenzy this year. I’m glad I won.

Kudos to all the other frenzied writers.

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