I am obsessed. Camp Nanowrimo June 2012. Yes, I’m doing it.

My November Nano novel is in beta right now, so no more work on that for the moment. (By the way, if you want to beta, too, I’m happy to trade with you. The more eyeballs the merrier.) My Script Frenzy script is fermenting on disc, waiting for me to be up to novelizing it. I just finished a 363K monster of a story that will end up being two once I’ve whipped it into shape.

I have work to do. I have a major volunteer event to organize for the middle of June. I thought: I’m too busy for June, though. Maybe August.

A week or so ago I sat down and did a vague outline for the next story stuck in my head. No amount of shaking or hanging upside will make it go away. I kept telling myself that I would have it ready for August. I kept telling myself it was better to wait until I have more time. August, yes, August.

Wrong answer.  I have to write this. I have to write it now.

I’ve gathered up my sleeping bag and my tin cup and my mess kit. Off to Camp Nano for a month.

The funny part is that I hate camping. Writing, though, that I love.

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