Happy Thanksgiving

Thumb Stacked Splint-1Coming into Thanksgiving, I was not feeling terribly thankful. I was cranky. I’ve developed a tendon problem with my left thumb. Atypical trigger finger. Meaning that if my thumb is straight, I can’t bend the last joint; if I manage to bend it somehow, I can’t straighten it again without using the other hand or an inflexible object to do it.

Doc: “Bend your thumb for me.”
Me: “I am bending it.”
Doc: “It’s not bending.”
Me: “That’s half of the problem. Bend it for me, and you can see the other half.” 

And it hurts. And it makes horrid noises when it does bend or unbend which is creepy. And I make jewelry for a living which pretty much requires two functional thumbs. So all in all, this was not making me feel too thankful about thumbs.

I was also not keen on the idea of having to cut short my Nanowrimo novel because of it. Not that I use my left thumb when I type. I don’t. But this thumb problem puts extra work on all my other fingers. I’d rather not have others go kaput as well. So, I get to write fewer chapters than I had planned. I’m not liking that a great deal, but I think I’ll like it better than some potential realities.

I whined and moaned and thought about sticking my head in the turkey while it’s in the oven. Eventually it came to me that maybe it wasn’t all that bad after all. Yeah, I have a screwed up thumb. I can still type, though, even if not to the level I might like. I have some creative ideas about how to make jewelry with only one thumb. I’ve got family and friends, and some of both will be at Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of good food. So, yeah, it’s not all bad.

Speaking of friends, I have more of them than ever. Thanks to Nanowrimo I’ve gotten to know a number of the Richmond Wrimos this year. That’s been great! Now is this not something to be thankful for?

In the end, I’m thankful for what I’ve got. I hope you can find things to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving.

Image by akeg on Flickr CC by-SA 2.0 license

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