In the Bag

2012 Nanowrimo is in the bag Nanowrimo 2012 is in the bag with 50K as of around 11pm last night. YAY! I thought I remembered hitting the 50K faster last year. (Yes, I’m obsessed.) So I poked around my blog to see. I did, and I got pneumonia. The three extra days this year kept me from getting pneumonia. I just know it!

I wonder if three more days would keep me from injuring my thumb. Wait! I hurt my thumb in my sleep. I was not writing in my sleep. (Whoa… scary thought.)  I know. I’ll stop sleeping.

Three extra days = no pneumonia. No sleep = no injured thumb. Go me!

 Image remixed from Flickr photo by Priscila Guimarães with CC by SA 2.0 license

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