Questions I Don’t Ask

Question mark in EsbjergWhen my brain is smelling of burned rubber from writing too hard and fast, I go cruise the NaNoWriMo forums. I am continually surprised by the questions other people are asking that it doesn’t occur to me to ask.

What genre is my writing? It’s a valid question. Particularly if you want to publish. However, it’s pretty irrelevant to Nanowrimo. Fill any old thing in the box and go on with the writing.

Is it good enough? Well, that’s simple. No. It is not. It is a first draft and they’re not good for any kind of consumption. So stop worrying about it.

Can I just go back and edit a little? Sure, but you are likely to miss the deadline unless you’re a very fast writer and editor. So just don’t. Make notes and move on. Editing is for December and beyond.

What if nobody likes my work? Edit it in December and make it likeable. Or chalk it up to learning experience and move on to the next novel.

Can I use ______ to write my novel? Is it legal? Does it record the written word? Sure! You might find one thing more useful than another later, but it’s fine to use whatever you want, even if it’s not the most useful thing you’ve ever heard of. You like it? Use it.

Do I have to show anyone my novel? No. 

I still bless V every day for teaching me to chant, “That’s for editing. That’s for editing.” That took away a lot of my questions by answering them for the moment. Learn the chant: THAT’S FOR EDITING and it will answer a lot of your questions, too.

Image by Alexander Drachmann from Flickr, CC by SA 2.0


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