It’s V’s Fault

Vanessa said, “Here’s a coupon for 3 free Zoya polishes with free shipping.” I had no I idea what she was doing to me. My life will never be the same. Doomed.Wow this is really ick. But that's okay, it's fun.

You see, I had chewed off nails until I was around 40. I never wore nail polish. Who wants to show off completely shredded nails bitten to the quick? Then somewhere around 40 I was finally able to let them grow. A little. I make jewelry, so I can’t have talons. But by the time the coupon came to corrupt me, there was something to polish other than skin. On most of my fingers.. And I did.

That first one was nothing to write home about.  The Zoya Yasmeen was a pretty color, though. Annnnnnnd I was hooked. After all, I love color. I always loved painting. My canvases for nail art are just tiny and more portable than cloth and Bristol.

Now I do nail polish and manis for fun. They frequently turn out hideous because I’m too busy playing to worry about them looking decent.

Just nuts mess with nail polish

Others turn out decent, even when I’m playing. Not bad for a first set of galaxy nails. Especially when generally clueless. hehe

#reallybadmani galaxy nails June 2013

I’m having fun, and it’s all Vanessa’s fault.

Update 2/11/18: I’m not having this kind of fun at the moment. I might later, though.

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