Why Role Play

Lots of reasons.
Just these past couple of weeks I’ve had a sister die, been held hostage, gotten engaged, admitted to some less than savory things, captained a ship, hired on 3 new crewmembers, decided to make a life of rescuing and freeing slaves across the galaxy, had a device implanted in my arm that allows me to travel through space/time, been on two different planets, gotten a bj, rescued raped and beaten family members, worked at several different jobs, become lovers with someone I waited for years for, gone to visit my parents instantly from light years away, worked a communications console on a starship, had dinner with my son the starship captain, decided to refurbish a rustbucket of a ship, had to be taught how to poke properly several times as I kept failing the test afterwards, eaten, duct taped a slaver, slept, screwed, unclogged a toilet, bought bakery goodies from someone of a different century, worked out in the gym, danced naked on a pile of crates, supplied live ants for a picnic, made an engagement diamond from scratch, been asked to loan out my lover as a fix for sexual issues, drank romulan ale and a slew of other alcoholic beverages, and eaten lobster bisque specially made for me, among other things.  
It allows me to do things I never could. I do well or badly at it at various times, but I have fun. I’ve gained some awesome friends through role play. Also fun.  And that, my friend, is why the hell I do this rp thing.

Now This is Christmas

originally from Twitpic

Games and gifts and booze and food are great. But they are just symbols of what’s really important… people who care.
Sometimes were not geographically close. But people can care no matter where they are.
And that’s what happened to Anna. Her birthday follows right on the heels of Christmas. And she wanted Bones. She got him. Because friends a few thousand miles away cared about her. And that is an awesome thing. It’s not the Bones cutout. It’s the caring.
It’s good to have friends who love you.

Merry Christmas 🙂