Oddly No Camp Nanowrimo

You read it right. I’m not doing Camp Nanowrimo this year. I’m not planning on doing November Nanowrimo either. Strange? Yes.

I decided this year to just write without trying to drill 50K words onto the digital page in a month twice a year.  I’ve done it often enough now that I have no doubt I can do it. The bottom line is that I don’t want to do it. So far I’ve done one 50K+ novel and am well into my second. Yes, I will just write. Perhaps I’ll do a script next. Whatever I choose, it will be fun rather than frantic.

Massive Discouragement

Tears / Flickr/Petesimon CC by 2.0Trying to write a Nano novel via dictation to Smaug the Dragon feels a lot like (insert unimaginably horrible thing here).  I can’t think while it’s happening. The pain is excruciating. In short: I hate it.

I’ve never hated writing before. Now I hate the writing I’m able to do. (Damn the timing for my hand surgery.)

I’m really bummed.

No Figment, Smaug

Dragon photo by garryknight on flickr cc by sa 2.0Habit got me by the nose and started dragging me toward NaNoWriMo. I’ve enjoyed it over the last couple of years so much that I’ve done every Camp NaNoWriMo as well. Why would I resist a habit that Is fun and harmless?

Unfortunately this time the habit had to drag me into the jaws of a dragon. I had thought to name this dragon Figment.I found out this dragon is a greedy, evil wretch, and its name is Smaug.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a requirement for me to do NaNoWriMo this year. My recently repaired hand would be tortured by trying to type 50K+ words in a month on top of going back to work to make jewelry and write about stones. I’m not much into hand torture, so I pulled the dragon out of its lair.

“Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”

The dragon was not thrilled to be awoken. Smaug has been forcing me, with dire threat of being eaten with ketchup, to pay homage ever since. I spent over 10 hours training the miserable reptile, and still it refuses to behave.

I wrote a chapter of back story for my planned Nanonovel  last night, about 1800 words, with Smaug’s so-called help. Smaug helped me take only three hours to do it, with all the verbal corrections that had to be done as I went. (Who knew how problematic dragons find synonyms?) Then Smaug helped me spend another 40 minutes manually correcting that chapter so that I would know later what I had been trying to say; blobs of gibberish had not been my intent when I conceived the chapter.

Smaug is as bad or worse than autofuckup on my android.

1800 words in three hours and forty minutes might be normal for some people when writing first draft, original prose. It is abysmally slow for me. I average 1000 to 1600 words per hour when I am typing without the assistance of a cantankerous dragon. That’s a huge gap in performance.

At the rate Smaug goes, I’m staring into a dark reality where it might well take me three or more times as long to do NaNoWriMo this year. I’m not sure I can pull an extra 100+ hours out of my November. I start back to work on the 4th, and will need every waking hour of that first week to catch up. Even with a lost week of writing, I could do NaNoWriMo at the rate I usually type manually. I’m not at all sure I can do 150 hours or more of prose in 3 weeks, especially as they’re three weeks running up to the retail Christmas season. Not to mention that I can’t take Smaug out in public for the write-ins I enjoyed last year.

I’m fairly sure I’m now dragon fodder. I hope someone has a black arrow to save me.

It’s Vanessa’s Fault

Vanessa said, “Here’s a coupon for 3 free Zoya polishes with free shipping.” I had no I idea what she was doing to me. My life will never be the same. Doomed.

You see, I had chewed off nails until I was around 40. So I never wore nail polish. Who wants to show off completely shredded nails bitten to the quick? Then somewhere around 40 I was finally able to let them grow. A little. I make jewelry, so I can’t have talons. But there was something to polish other than skin. And I did.

#ReallyBadMani Number 1

Wow this is really ick. But that's okay, it's fun.

Oh my. Doomed. Yes I was. The Zoya Yasmeen is a pretty color, though.



I’m tired of wrangling HTML code on sites that have a supposedly automated layout. I suppose if you don’t want features like “Pin It” or “Tweet This”, it’s automated. Unfortunately for me, I do.

I am even more tired of acting as tester and tech support research for companies that put out features far too early. The features don’t work. They don’t believe me when I tell them this. I have to go prove they don’t work.And these are measly little unimportant things like backing the site up. I can’t say I had fun with that today.

Pfffffffft. Must be time for nail polish.